How to run a successful Gym.

Are you a gym owner? Have you ever wondered about ways to increase the revenue of your fitness facility with little or no extra cost at all? As per my extensive research in this industry, interacting with owners of different types of facilities, be it small, medium or big size, be it strength or cross fit or both, even a yoga centre or a dance studio for that matter, the problems faced are common among all these facilities. 

Every gym owner has one thing on their mind, every day, month or year around: How do I retain my customers? How do I reach my sales goals? How do I increase my revenue?

Whether you're just opening up a new gym or you're a veteran in the industry, here are a few things that will help youanswer all these questions and take your revenue off the chart:


The Fitness industry business might take a little time to wrap your head around; things like accounting, reports and customer retention might not look important in the start but believe me, if you nail these things, half your job is already done. It is not difficult to keep a track of these things. You don't have to hire more staff to do this for you, all you need to do is get a good gym management software and be done with these things at a fraction of the cost of hiring new employees.


Gym business has become so crowded lately that it has become extremely difficult to stand out and attract customers all around the year. You need to make strategies according to your target audience. Let the traditional ways like billboards and hoardings take a back seat and let the World Wide Web (or www for us millennials) run the show for you. Know what the people want, talk to them, take feedback and work on it. Once you have a marketing strategy setup, the leads will start pouring in and you'd need a strong sales staff to convert these leads. Never miss on any lead that comes your way, you never know that one lead could be the one to help you achieve your goals. Set follow-up reminders, calls or even text if you have to, shoot SMS campaigns to your audience about the offers, which would attract them towards your fitness studio.


Like any service based industry, Customer retention is at the core of the Gym business as well. Loyal customers alone can keep your numbers where you want them to be and a great customer service will let you keep the loyal customers loyal. Simple things like saying thank you or apologizing when you make a mistake will take you a long way. Have a feedback mechanism in place and ask your customers on a weekly basis if they are facing any issues. Go the extra mile, send out birthday wishes to your customers, and ask your staff to treat them the same way as they treat new customers. The bottom line is, your customers should never hesitate to communicate with you or your staff if they are facing any issues.


Are you still stuck with paper and pen or rely on spreadsheets to manage memberships and your customers? Or are you fed up of outdated software? All the things that we have been discussing can be achieved with ease and all at one place. In the long run, it will save your time, increase your revenue and avoid unnecessary complications that come with the business.