Why are Digital Forms Better for your Business?

Ever wondered how much you spend on paper every year? Just because you're in the fitness business doesn't mean you don't have anything to do with wasting paper.

On an average, 1500-2000 forms are used in a gym in India in a year. The cost of getting these forms printed is at least 5000-7000 INR, putting aside the cost of filing the paper and the time wasted in doing so. Besides the cost, let's stop and think about the environment for a second.

Save paper. Good for the planet, Good for your business

How can we help? We, at Gymday, believe we can save you some money and do something for the environment as well. Here are a few things that will help you understand why digital forms are better for you


With traditional gym management software, one of the biggest issues is that you have to get your customers fill out a form first and then do it again yourself with the software. It takes double the effort and double the time. Just take your member's number, send them a form from GYMDAY club management software on their smartphones and you’re done!  Save this time and devote it towards knowing your customer better. It will do you good in the long run.


Mobile forms are fast to fill out. With Google’s auto-fill option, it will only take 15 seconds for your customer to fill a form on their smartphones. This will make it even more convenient for your members to enrol in the fitness studio.


Once you're done with filling a mobile form, you can always review the data before submitting, which is not the case with paper forms. Once you make a mistake, you have to either overwrite or throw the form. You can always ensure a certain level of accuracy with digital forms with logical rules and field validation, which is simply not possible with paper.


Printing is not the only cost that you have to incur when using paper forms. The cost of filing the filled forms by your customers is an addition to printing and if you consider the time you waste in filing and maintaining records, it makes a huge difference.

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Discard paper, Go Digital! Save Money!