4 Ways to Increase Customer Retention

You must be a gym owner if you're here. Looking to keep your customers coming back to avail your services? You're in luck, my friend!

You work hard to get new customers but the question that you must be asking yourself time and now is how do I keep them from leaving? There are certain figures or numbers that you need to keep handy when you are making strategies to increase customer retention of your gym or fitness studio

We shall consider some of the tips and tricks to help you retain your customers:


Extra perks and rewards go a long way when you're trying to retain more customers. Always know how much you're spending to attain a new customer, it will help you decide the worth of perks and rewards you can offer to a client while still maintaining your bottom line.


Your staff plays a vital role in customer retention. The staff's behaviour is considered a huge part of customer service. Encourage your staff to be on first-name basis with clients, have them take some time out to talk to customers and know them better. Encourage them to ask questions in order to know about the customers’ expectations and take feedback frequently.


EYou need to dig in deep into your financials and take note of what has worked for you in past and what all strategies didn't pan out the way you had expected. This will tell you what to do and what to expect in the future; you'll get an insight into what your target audience might respond to and come your way or stay with you as your loyal customer.


Gymday gym management software will tell you when your clients last joined your gym. Use this information to offer rewards and create promotional offers for clients to come back. You're halfway there just by extending an offer and motivating them to keep coming back.

While you follow these tips and tricks, make sure that you observe the key performance indicators closely and decide accordingly what is working for you and what is not. Else just sign up on Gymday CRM, India's #1 software for gyms and fitness studios.